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zodac's Journal

22 September 1981
Enter a realm of mystery and mahem, enter the story of Semor Sukhius Wooshart!

ahhh....well, the story begins like this...

Well, I was born Semor Sukhius Woosehart. My mother was a 7 foot tall hemaphrodite named Cloe and my father was a John Lenon Enthusasit whom liked to play with Gi-Joe action figures. He would light them on fire and I would beg him to stop, but he wouldn't. Oh, dear lord, why! ... wait, that's not true whatsoever. Actually, I was born in Milwaukee and I've been living thereabouts ever since. I like writing and reading and philosophy. I think I've lived a fairly interesting life, I know it sure has kept me amused these past 19 years. There has been many ups and downs, enemies and friends, successes and sadly, even a failure or two. Hopefully for all my fans out there reading my on-line journal it will seem entertaining :)

of course, these are all lies--all lies!!!! To find out the truth, you will have to befriend this journal and take it somewhere sweet and silent and read read read, and learn the msytery.

will our protaganist ever survive and make it? is he doomed? will he stop the alien conspiracy before its to late and he gets mauled by ornory badgers? who knows? how do you find out.

speak friend and pass...

learn the awesomeness, the modesty, the--anyway,
what i say is, if your new to me, add me as a friend, tell me a bit about yourself, i'll welcome you as a brother or a sister, and flip back on the calendar to my first entry, and go from there...